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For over 20 years, Advanced Studio Technologies (AST) has been the leader in the design and construction of permanent, hard cycloramas (cyc walls). From the small photography studio to major film studios, AST has pioneered the use of large, perfect-radius cyclorama corners, approximately double the ground sweep of other cycs, creating large open corners that are extremely easy to light. Our double-skin and epoxy laminate construction is virtually indestructible and are more than a match for foot traffic as well as for studio vehicles. Cycloramas of any length and height are available and may also come with top coves if requested. Built against your existing walls for a faster and a more convenient installation, our technicians will build the studio or green screen cyc walls for you. AST engineers will help you evaluate your space and will then prepare all the parts in-house and come to your location and build your cyclorama. Completing the final installation, we prime, paint, and leave you a camera-ready studio.

Our client list includes many of the top studios, universities, and corporations in the U.S. We travel anywhere and complete installations everywhere from LA to New York. Because every space is different, we need to know the size of the cyclorama and the condition of your walls and floor. We can then provide you with an accurate quote for the installation of a studio cyc according to your environment, requirements, and requests. If sound is a consideration, cycs are available with 7° layback walls.
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Our Products

  • Single Wall Cyc - Corner Cyc
  • Lighting Grids
  • Rolling Cyc
  • DIY - Do It Yourself Kit
  • Seamless Paper Backdrop Mounts
  • Grip Room Equipment
  • Digital Room Furniture
  • Rolling Flats

   Our Clients
  • Milk Studios NY & LA
  • Apple - CA
  • IBM - Atlanta, GA
  • Google - CA
  • Yahoo- CA
  • Aritzia - Vancouver, Canada
  • Design Within Reach - Stamford, CT
  • Cycle World - CA
  • J Crew - NY
  • Fast Ashley Studios - Brooklyn, NY
  • Occidental Studios - CA
  • Shoe Dazzle - CA
  • RED Studios - CA
  • ESNE - CA
  • Stanford University- CA
  • USC - CA
  • Widener University- Chester, PA
  • Gary Land Photography - Boston
  • Children's Medical Center - Dallas
  • Full Sail -  Florida
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"The World's Preeminent Cyclorama Builders"
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AST: The Large Cyc Wall Pioneers

Whether You're Near or Far

AST's professional staff travels the world to complete your cyc installation needs. We pride ourselves on our perfect radius cyc cove and extend our services to all our clients near or far. We have successfully installed cyc's in various locations both nation and worldwide.

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